Nitro PDF Pro 14: What’s New in the Latest Release?

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Exploring Exciting Features and Enhancements of Nitro PDF Pro 14 for Windows

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Nitro PDF Pro V14 is a powerful PDF editor with new features and improvements for a better user experience. This blog post discusses what makes it stand out from previous versions.

We’ll look at enhanced accessibility tools like Create Tag for document structuring and Auto Tag for easy compliance. We’ll also discuss improved localization, including fixed formatting issues in localized versions and expanded multi-language support during installation.

Security upgrades in Nitro PDF Pro V14 are crucial, with stronger measures and better user data protection. Other feature enhancements include:

  • Non-English spell-check preservation.
  • Improved redaction accuracy.
  • Support for non-standard fonts.

To help you use these features effectively, we provide a step-by-step guide on using accessibility tools like Create Tag and Auto Tag. Finally, we’ll mention the improved OCR packs and polished user interface for better OCR capabilities and navigation within Nitro PDF Pro.

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Enhanced Accessibility Tools in Nitro PDF Pro

Nitro PDF Pro Latest Release

Nitro PDF Pro 14 brings new accessibility tools, such as Create Tag and Auto Tag, for easier WCAG 2.1 and PDF/UA-compliant document creation. These features help users structure documents for assistive technology, embed fonts, and mark the document as PDF/UA when it meets the requirements.

Create Tag feature for structuring documents

The Create Tag tool lets users add tags to elements in a PDF file. By tagging content like headings, lists, tables, or images with suitable roles (e.g., heading level one), you make your document easy to navigate for screen readers and other assistive technologies. This improves accessibility and meets legal requirements under disability acts.

Auto Tag tool for seamless compliance

Besides manual tagging with Create Tag, Nitro PDF Pro 14 has an Auto-Tagging feature that quickly identifies key document elements like headers or paragraphs based on visual cues such as font size or indentation. The software then adds suitable tags, speeding up the creation of WCAG 2.1-compliant files without losing accuracy.

  • Step 1: Open your desired PDF file in Nitro PDF Pro 14.
  • Step 2: Select “Accessibility” from the toolbar menu at the top of the window.
  • Step 3: Click on the “Auto Tag Document” button to initiate the automatic tagging process.
  • Step 4: Review and adjust any tags as necessary using the Tags panel located on the left-hand side of the window.

Using the new accessibility tools in your workflow makes PDF documents more inclusive. It ensures compliance with industry standards like WCAG 2.1 and PDF/UA guidelines.

Nitro PDF Pro 14’s improved accessibility tools help users structure documents efficiently and follow regulations. Localization and multi-language support during installation have also been enhanced for a smoother user experience.

Improved Localization Experience & Multi-Lingual Installers

Nitro PDF Pro 14 has enhanced the user experience by resolving localization issues in older versions. The recent update provides a smoother and more consistent experience by addressing minor issues such as formatting, missing words, and redirects across localized versions. Users worldwide will enjoy the benefits of a seamless interface when using it.

Addressed Formatting Issues in Localized Versions

In response to user feedback, Nitro has made significant improvements in its localized versions. These enhancements include fixing formatting inconsistencies and updating missing words or phrases for better comprehension. As a result, non-English speaking users can now work more efficiently with Nitro PDF Pro 14 without encountering language-related barriers.

Expanded Multi-Language Support During Installation

Based on user feedback, Nitro improved its localized versions by fixing formatting issues and updating missing words or phrases. This helps non-English speaking users work more efficiently with Nitro PDF Pro without language barriers.

  • English
  • German
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Italian
  • Dutch
  • <.– add more languages as needed>

Nitro PDF Pro’s improved localization experience allows smoother workflows when working with multiple languages. Users can change their preferred language settings through Nitro’s official user guide. As a result, Nitro is now more secure while providing an even better user experience.

Security Improvements in Nitro PDF Pro 14

Today’s digital age demands data security. Nitro has responded with its latest version of Nitro PDF Pro 14. The newest version has improved security features that protect sensitive information while ensuring document safety and reliability.

Strengthened Security Measures

Nitro PDF Pro has strong security measures to protect user data from threats. It uses advanced encryption for protection against unauthorized access and tampering. The software also has customizable password settings for better control over document access.

Enhanced Protection of User Data

It also focuses on user privacy by following strict policies for collecting and using customer data. By meeting global privacy standards like GDPR, users can trust that their personal information stays private while using the software.

Other security features for a safer PDF experience include:

  • Digital signatures: Users can sign documents electronically with secure certificates to prevent forgery or changes.
  • Certificate-based encryption: Users can encrypt files with PKI, allowing only authorized recipients to decrypt them using private keys.
  • Data redaction: Nitro PDF Pro improved redaction helps remove sensitive information from documents before sharing, reducing data leak risks.

In summary, Nitro PDF Pro offers security improvements to protect user data and follow industry standards. This latest version focuses on safety and privacy for a secure PDF experience.

It strengthens security measures and enhances user data protection. The update also adds features like non-English spell-check, better redaction accuracy, and support for non-standard fonts to improve performance.

General Feature Enhancements & Performance Upgrades

Nitro PDF Pro 14 has introduced many upgrades to enhance features and performance, making it a better user experience. These upgrades expand the app’s capabilities and increase productivity for users.

Non-English Spell-check Language Preservation

In earlier versions, Nitro PDF Pro sometimes lost non-English spell-check settings during deployment. In version 14, this issue is fixed, keeping your preferred spell-check language while using the software.

Improved Redaction Accuracy

Nitro PDF Pro redaction tool now has better accuracy for selecting redaction areas. This helps users protect sensitive info in documents without accidentally revealing confidential data. Learn more about redacting sensitive info in PDF files here.

Support for Non-standard Font Rendering

  • Better checkmark rendering: The new version supports better checkmark rendering with non-standard fonts in PDFs for proper display and function.
  • Maintaining hyperlinks: Better support allows malformed links to work correctly, ensuring seamless navigation even with link formatting issues.

These improvements make Nitro PDF Pro essential for regular digital document work. With better accessibility, efficiency, and security, it’s a game-changer in PDF software.

The upgrades in Nitro PDF Pro 14 offers users a more efficient experience. Next, we’ll discuss using new accessibility features for an even better experience.

Step-by-Step Guide on Using New Accessibility Features

This article explains using Create Tag and Auto Tag features in Nitro PDF Pro.

How to Utilize the Create Tag Feature

  1. Open your document in Nitro PDF Pro 14.
  2. Select ‘Accessibility’ from the menu bar.
  3. Click on ‘Create Tags.’
  4. Choose elements in the document to tag for accessibility.
  5. In the pop-up, pick a suitable tag type based on content.
  6. Add attributes or properties as needed (e.g., alternative text for images).
  7. Check Nitro’s support documentation for more instructions and examples.

Tips for Using Auto Tag Tool Effectively

  • Inspect your document: Prior to using Auto Tag, carefully examine your entire document. Confirm that it has a clear structure with distinct headings and subheadings, allowing assistive technology to navigate with ease.
  • Choose simple layouts: Maintain a straightforward layout by steering clear of multi-column formats or excessive nesting of elements. This makes it simpler for Auto Tag to identify and tag content accurately.
  • Examine the tags: Once Auto Tag is applied, go through all generated tags in the ‘Tags’ panel. Make any required changes or corrections to guarantee your document’s accessibility and compliance with WCAG 2.1 and PDF/UA standards.

To learn more about accessibility features, check out their user guides.

To help users become more productive and efficient, the Step-by-step Guide on Using New Accessibility Features provides them with all the necessary tools. With this in mind, let us take a look at how Nitro PDF Pro V14 has improved its OCR packs and user interface for an even better experience.

Enhanced OCR Packs & Polished User Interface

Nitro PDF Pro V14 is now equipped with better Optical Character Recognition (OCR) packs, making it even more powerful at converting scanned docs into editable text. With these improved abilities, users can easily transform paper-based files into searchable and editable digital formats.

Improved OCR Capabilities

The new Nitro PDF Pro comes with improved OCR tech, which helps to recognize text in scanned docs faster and more accurately. This development saves time and preserves the original formatting during conversion. Additionally, Nitro lets users work smoothly with content in multiple languages.

  • Faster text recognition within scanned documents
  • Maintains original formatting during conversion
  • Expanded language support for global use cases

Redesigned User Interface for Better Navigation

In addition to its enhanced OCR capabilities, Nitro PDF Pro V14 has a new user interface that makes it easier to navigate and use. The fresh layout simplifies access to critical tools and options while maintaining a clear aesthetic.

  1. New Design: Experience an updated look that aligns with the latest brand.
  2. Easier Access: Quickly find commonly used tools through simplified menus and toolbars.
  3. User-Friendly: Enjoy a more fluid overall experience with numerous enhancements for easier use.

About Nitro PDF Pro for Mac

Nitro PDF Pro for Mac is a powerful and versatile PDF editing and creation software designed for macOS systems. It requires macOS version 10.14 or later and has earned positive reviews from users due to its features and performance. Easy deployment methods, system requirements, and smooth operation are all supported by Nitro PDF Pro for Mac.

For basic PDF management on Macs, try Nitro PDF Essentials for Mac (formerly known as PDFpen). This allows you to add text, photos, and signatures, combine/divide documents and fill out forms.

The enhanced Nitro PDF Pro for Mac provides more sophisticated tools for editing and converting documents in addition to collaboration features.

Upgrading from Older Versions

If you use an older Nitro PDF Pro version, consider upgrading to the latest V14 release. This upgrade provides new capabilities and enhancements and greater security for your information.

  • Step 1: Visit the Nitro Upgrade page.
  • Step 2: Enter your current license key or serial number in the provided field.
  • Step 3: Follow the on-screen instructions to complete your upgrade purchase.

If you encounter any issues during the upgrade process or need assistance with compatibility concerns between versions, don’t hesitate to reach out to Nitro’s customer support team through their support portal.

Try Before You Buy – The Trial Period

Evaluate whether Nitro PDF Pro V14 is appropriate for your needs by taking advantage of their 14-day free trial. You can explore all features and functions with no obligation. Download and install the program on your Windows device to try it out.

  • Full access: You’ll have unrestricted access to all features included during the trial period.
  • No limitations: Create, edit, convert, and secure as many PDF files as needed during this time frame.
  • Evaluate compatibility: Test how well it integrates with other applications like Microsoft Office or cloud storage services like Dropbox or Google Drive.

To continue using Nitro PDF Pro after the trial expires, purchase a license from their official website. Remember that investing in a full version also grants you access to ongoing updates and customer support. Don’t dally – give it a go now.

The trial period of Nitro PDF Pro is an excellent way to ensure that you are getting the right product for your needs. Nitro offers exclusive access to added advantages and capabilities, making it simpler than ever to gain the utmost value from your software purchase.


What is the Latest Version of Nitro Pro PDF?

The latest release is Nitro PDF Pro 14. It has new tools that make it easier to access content, better tools for recognizing text, a polished user interface, and better localization. The PDF software offers a complete solution for creating, editing, converting, and protecting PDF documents.

Is Nitro PDF Pro Worth It?

Certainly, Nitro PDF Pro is a viable option due to its wide range of features, such as robust editing tools, document conversion, annotation and comments sharing, digital signature support, redaction, and compliance with industry standards such as PDF/UA. Also, compared to other leading solutions, Nitro offers competitive pricing.

What Does Nitro PDF Pro?

Nitro PDF Pro lets you make high-quality docs by creating editable forms from scanned images using OCR tech. The software also lets you edit text and pictures within files or combine multiple files while keeping formatting the same. Plus, you can:
-Edit text and images or combine files.
-Create interactive forms that can be filled out online.
-Sign electronically without printing physical copies.

Is Nitro PDF Pro a One-Time Purchase?

Yes, Nitro PDF Pro is a one-time purchase for individual users and small businesses. The software costs $179.99 per user, coming with a lifetime license. This makes it a more affordable choice than Adobe Acrobat. One license is intended for use by one user on one computer.

Conclusion of Nitro PDF Pro Review

In conclusion, Nitro PDF Pro V14 offers a range of new features and improvements that make it an even more powerful tool for document management. The enhanced accessibility tools, improved OCR technology, polished user interface, and security enhancements make this software an essential asset for businesses and individuals.

It is worth considering if you’re looking for a reliable PDF editor with advanced capabilities. To ensure you get the most out of this software, follow the guide on making documents accessible and compliant.

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