Nitro PDF Pro 14 Review: Better than Adobe & Foxit?

Nitro PDF Pro and Its Features

Unveiling Nitro PDF Pro: A Comprehensive Review

Imagine a tool that makes handling your PDF files as easy as slicing through butter. Meet Nitro PDF Pro. It’s more than just another software to read or print documents – it’s an all-in-one solution for creating, editing, converting, and even signing your digital papers.

Nitro doesn’t play around when it comes to functionality. From the first use, its user-friendly interface makes you feel like a specialist (even if it’s your initial attempt). Plus, its integration with Microsoft Office means that Word docs and Excel sheets become seamlessly convertible into high-quality PDFs.

The Swiss Army Knife of Document Handling

Around here at ProsCost, we have been lucky enough to get our hands on this program. What we found was pretty impressive. For instance, making edits in the text felt fluid thanks to the smooth inline text-editing feature. Adding annotations? Just as breezy.

Nitro has taken note-taking up several notches too. The sticky notes and highlighter tools are perfect for jotting down those essential points during team meetings or while doing some late-night reading.

No More Lost in Conversion Nightmares

If conversion horrors keep you awake at night, then Nitro might be what dreams are made of. With their batch conversion feature, one can convert multiple documents from different formats such as Word or Excel into PDF format without breaking a sweat.

  • Painless Edits: Make changes directly within your document without needing any additional software.
  • Easier Annotations: Highlight important info quickly with customizable annotation tools.
  • Effortless Conversions: Change documents between PDF and other formats without worrying about formatting mishaps.

That’s just the start, though. Nitro PDF Pro comes packed with a massive list of features that prove it means business in document management. But hey, don’t just rely on our words.

9.1Expert Score

Experience the might of Nitro PDF Pro, your comprehensive solution for effortless and effective management of PDFs. This isn’t just a tool to read or print documents. With it, you can create, edit, convert and even sign digital papers. Its user-friendly interface lets beginners operate like pros. And its integration with Microsoft Office makes sure high-quality PDF conversion is smooth as silk.

  • Full-Featured
  • Versatility
  • Editing Tools
  • Embedding Capabilities
  • E-Sign Platform
  • Productivity Suite
  • High-Quality Output
  • Cloud Integration
  • Batch Processing
  • Pricing
  • Occasional Glitches

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Nitro PDF Pro 14: What’s New?

Nitro PDF Pro 14 What's New

The latest release of Nitro PDF Pro, version 14, has brought some exciting improvements that are worth talking about. The user experience and productivity of Nitro have been amped up, making it simpler to manage documents than ever before.

Firstly, Nitro now supports CAD (Computer-Aided Design) drawings. This means you can open and view high-quality Autodesk AutoCAD files right in the software itself – no more wrestling with third-party viewers.

A new drag-and-drop function lets you easily add or rearrange pages within a document – think of it as playing Tetris but with your paperwork. The OCR engine has been improved to provide higher resolution results. It’s like upgrading from a standard magnifying glass to a state-of-the-art microscope when searching for text within scanned images or documents.

Better Integration & Collaboration

Moving onto integration features; there’s now seamless connectivity between Nitro PDF Pro and Microsoft OneDrive. Save directly into your cloud storage without leaving the program – simple yet effective.

The collaboration tools got some love too. There’s a handy new tool that lets users ask questions or start discussions right next to relevant content in their shared documents—imagine having mini chat rooms dotted throughout your report for instant feedback. It makes teamwork feel more…well…like teamwork.

E-Signature Updates

Last but certainly not least is the upgrade to Nitro’s eSign solution. The update now lets you easily track who has and hasn’t signed your documents yet, which can be a real time-saver when managing multiple signatories. It’s like having an assistant reminding you who still needs to put pen to paper.

So there we have it – these are just some of the ways that Nitro PDF Pro 14 is striving to make our digital document handling more efficient, intuitive, and collaborative.

With Nitro PDF Pro 14, your digital document management just got better. You can now view CAD drawings directly and rearrange pages effortlessly with a new drag-and-drop feature. The enhanced OCR engine improves text search significantly. And guess what? There’s seamless integration with Microsoft OneDrive, along with upgraded collaboration tools to make teamwork smoother than ever.

Nitro vs Foxit: A Comparative Analysis

When it comes to choosing a PDF editor, two names often pop up in the discussion – Nitro PDF Pro and Foxit. How do these two stack up when compared to each other? Let’s break down their features, performance, and pricing.

Feature Comparison

Nitro PDF Pro is renowned for its rich feature set including editable PDFs, file conversion tools, and an eSign solution. On the flip side, Foxit offers similar functionalities but excels with its collaboration features that Nitro lacks.

User Experience & Performance

Foxit provides a sleek interface that beginners may find more appealing. However, Nitro isn’t far behind; offering user-friendly navigation coupled with fast processing speed for editing or converting documents on various platforms such as Mac, Windows, and iOS.

Pricing Structure

The deciding factor could well be cost-effectiveness. While both offer free trials allowing users to test drive their offerings before buying into any plan; there’s a stark difference in pricing models between them when you look at long-term investment. If you’re after value-for-money over time then Nitro’s Business Plan might just tip the scales towards itself.

“Remember. Not concerning which program has the most features, but rather which one fits your exact requirements best—that’s what matters.

Using Nitro PDF Pro as a Top Acrobat Alternative

People often look at Nitro PDF Pro as a powerhouse in its own right, standing toe-to-toe with Adobe Acrobat due to its wide array of tools and features. Nitro PDF Pro shines with a user-friendly layout, killer conversion features, compatibility across various platforms and advanced tools for editing content, reviewing it and keeping it secure.

What is a key advantage of Nitro?

Its user interface that’s pretty much like Microsoft Office, seriously amping up how quickly you can get things done. Because this interface feels so much like Microsoft’s stuff, folks who know their way around Office will find it a breeze to get the hang of. On top of that, Nitro’s got your back when you’re moving away from Adobe with its compact software, hands-on help during the rollout and a customer service team that sets the bar high. People are raving about Nitro’s quickness, practicality, affordability and how it makes client interaction a breeze.

However, Nitro PDF Pro is priced at $179.99 per user for a one-time license, making it a premium choice. Despite the cost, it’s worth considering the value that Nitro brings. For instance, Nitro’s Productivity Platform includes additional features like Nitro Sign Essentials, Analytics, Control Center, and Customer Success. Moreover, Nitro’s subscription plans make it affordable to equip every knowledge worker with PDF productivity tools and unlimited electronic signatures.

So, yeah, but with its impressive range of features, simplicity to use and top-notch customer help – it really gives Adobe Acrobat a run for its money.

Let’s dissect the cost setup of Nitro PDF Pro.

Let's dissect the cost setup of Nitro PDF Pro.

Nitro PDF Pro offers a range of pricing options tailored to meet the needs of individuals, small teams, and larger businesses. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the costs associated with using Nitro PDF Pro.

Individual and Small Team Plans

For individuals and small teams of up to 20 users, Nitro PDF Pro starts at $14.99 per month. With this plan, you’ve got the power to create and combine PDFs, flip their formats, and so much more.

One-Time Purchase Option

In addition to the subscription plans, Nitro PDF Pro also offers a one-time purchase option. A one-time license costs $179.99 per user for both Windows and Mac versions. This option gives users unlimited use of the software without recurring payments.

Nitro PDF Pro for 21+ Users

For larger teams of 21 or more users, Nitro PDF Pro offers a competitive price of as low as $9.99 per user. Along with the usual perks, this plan packs Nitro Sign—an e-signature tool—super handy for businesses frequently dealing with document signing.

Nitro PDF Pro Business Plans

For medium- and large-sized businesses, priced at $14.99 per month. You get all the vital PDF tools you need for your Windows and Mac systems.

Additional Purchase Options

Nitro PDF Pro also offers bundles that combine Nitro PDF Pro with Nitro Sign for both Windows and Mac users. For pricing details on these bundles, it is recommended to contact Nitro Sales directly.

Before deciding on a plan, Nitro PDF Pro offers a 14-day free trial. With Nitro PDF Pro’s 14-day free trial, you can take all its nifty features for a spin and get a real sense of whether it lines up with what you’re looking for in software.

Nitro Pro Business Plan Explained

With Nitro PDF Pro, businesses can easily manage their document workflow. But to fully unlock its potential, understanding the business plan is key.

The Nitty-Gritty of Pricing

No one likes hidden costs. That’s why Nitro keeps it simple with a transparent pricing model. For just $159 per user per year, you get full access to all features in the Nitro Productivity Suite.

This isn’t your regular coffee shop Wi-Fi price—it’s an investment into efficient document management and smoother team collaboration.

All-Encompassing Features

You might be thinking—why do I need this? Let me tell you about some features that will make your life easier:

  • Create and convert any file type into PDFs.
  • Edit text directly within your documents without converting them back to Word or Excel first.
  • Add electronic signatures seamlessly for quicker approvals on contracts and agreements.

Cross-Platform Accessibility

Gone are the days when work was confined to desktop computers alone. The beauty of Nitro lies in its compatibility across different platforms – Windows, Mac & iOS.

In other words: Work from anywhere at anytime. Plus, they offer free support during working hours—making sure no question goes unanswered or problem unfixed.
More details about this cross-platform functionality can be found here.

Unlimited eSigning

Nitro’s Business Plan takes the cake with its unlimited electronic signing feature. No more waiting for physical signatures or dealing with complex digital signature tools.
It’s like having your own personal assistant that never gets tired of signing documents.

Basically, Nitro Pro’s business plan revolutionizes how we manage documents. It’s truly a game-changer.

Converting Files with Nitro PDF Pro

Converting to a PDF Document

If you’re in the middle of a document deluge, and need to switch between Word, Excel or PowerPoint formats to PDFs (and vice versa), then Nitro PDF Pro is your lifeboat. This software lets you effortlessly convert files while keeping all those crucial elements intact.

With just a few clicks, Nitro can transform any Microsoft Office file into a neat and tidy PDF. But it doesn’t stop there; this handy tool also allows for reverse conversion from PDF back to Office format when needed.

Making Magic with Microsoft Office Documents

The process of converting an MS Office file to a PDF using Nitro is as simple as pie. Just open your desired Word doc or Excel spreadsheet within the program, click on ‘Convert’ at the top menu bar and choose ‘To PDF’. Your new pdf will be ready before you can say “presto”. And if later down the line you want that same document back in its original format? Not an issue – follow similar steps but select ‘From Pdf’ instead.

A Step Further: Converting Scanned Images

Nitro takes things up another notch by allowing scanned image conversion too. Ever been stuck trying to edit some text off an old printed page? Well fear no more. Scan it through Nitro’s Optical Character Recognition feature (OCR) which converts images containing text into editable content.

Painless Conversion Even For Beginners

Nitro does all these conversions without requiring deep tech skills – it’s straightforward even for beginners. Plus they offer plenty of online tutorials like this one on Converting to PDF that can guide you step by step.

In short, Nitro PDF Pro makes document conversion a walk in the park. It’s got all your needs covered whether it’s converting Word docs or Excel sheets to and from pdfs, or even scanned images into editable content. A true game-changer for anyone dealing with documents on a regular basis.

Need to flip between Word, Excel, or PowerPoint and PDFs? Nitro PDF Pro is your go-to tool. With a few clicks, you can convert any Microsoft Office file into a tidy PDF or reverse it back when needed. It even lets you turn scanned images into editable content – no tech skills required. Truly a game-changer for document handling.

Nitro PDF Pro for Different Platforms

Handling PDFs can vary greatly depending on the platform being used, but Nitro PDF Pro offers a seamless experience across different operating systems. That’s where Nitro PDF Pro steps in with its versatility across different operating systems.

Nitro on Windows: A Seamless Experience

Being a Windows-based application, Nitro excels at providing an intuitive and smooth user experience. You’ll find all your necessary tools easily accessible, letting you edit, annotate or convert files without breaking a sweat.

The Mac Side of Things: Room for Improvement?

For those more inclined towards Apple devices, it might be disheartening to learn that there isn’t yet a dedicated Nitro app for MacOS. But don’t fret. While they work on this front (we hope), alternatives like Adobe Acrobat Pro DC are worth considering if you need robust features on your Mac right now.

For mac users, I recommend PDF Expert more.

iOS Devices: Going Mobile with Ease

Moving away from desktops, let’s talk about iOS. As mobile tech continues to dominate our lives, having powerful software that keeps up is crucial. The Kdan Mobile’s PDF Reader, which works great alongside Nitro products thanks to its compatibility options, gives users flexibility when working on-the-go.

Exploring Editable PDFs with Nitro PDF Pro

Working with PDF files doesn’t have to feel like you’re trying to chisel words into stone. With Nitro PDF Pro, editing documents becomes as easy as typing up a text message.

Making Text Edits

The true magic of Nitro is how it transforms the typically rigid format of a PDF into something flexible and user-friendly. You can simply click within any paragraph, delete or add text, just like in your favorite word processor. It’s almost like turning back time on a baked cake – except instead of flour and eggs, you’re working with words and sentences.

Annotating Made Simple

Nitro isn’t just about changing content though; its annotation features are also noteworthy. Imagine being able to leave sticky notes right on your document without worrying about them falling off – that’s what using annotations feels like here. From adding comments for collaboration purposes to highlighting important sections, Nitro makes these tasks straightforward.

Filling Forms Effortlessly

If forms make you cringe at the thought of having to print-fill-scan routine then brace yourself because there’s good news. With this software solution at hand, filling out digital forms has never been more effortless. No need for extra steps or tools – everything is integrated seamlessly within one platform.

Note: While all these editing options are available in both the free trial version and paid versions alike from Nitros’ official website, the latter provides more functionalities.

But what really makes Nitro stand out is its ability to maintain the original formatting of your document. So, while you’re busy adding and changing text or making annotations, rest assured that everything else will stay right where it should be – no unexpected surprises.

Unleash the power of PDF editing with Nitro PDF Pro. Transform rigid documents into flexible ones, easily add or delete text like a regular word processor. Annotate without hassle – think sticky notes that never fall off. Fill digital forms effortlessly, all within one seamless platform. And don’t worry about messing up your formatting; Nitro keeps everything intact.

Nitro PDF Pro’s eSign Solution

Imagine being able to sign documents from anywhere, anytime. That’s the power Nitro PDF Pro brings with its eSign solution. This feature is a game-changer for businesses that need quick and secure document signing.

The magic of Nitro’s eSign lies in its simplicity. It lets you upload a document, add recipients, and send it off for signatures in just a few clicks. But this isn’t all about speed; it also prioritizes security by using encryption technology to protect your sensitive data.

A Practical Alternative to Physical Signatures

Let’s face it – physical signatures are like flip phones: outdated. In today’s digital world where convenience reigns supreme, electronic signatures offer an easier way forward. With Nitro’s eSign solution, there’s no more printing out documents or chasing down people for their autograph.

You can say goodbye to those days when important contracts were delayed because someone was on vacation or working remotely. Just use the drag-and-drop function within Nitro PDF Pro 14 to place signature fields wherever they’re needed on your pdf files.

Pricing: Affordable Quality?

Quality often comes at a cost – but not always. Compared to other software solutions like Adobe Acrobat DC which charges $14.99/monthly per user for similar features (based on their standard business plan), Nitro Pro offers more affordable pricing options.

eSigning Made Easy Across Platforms

No matter if you’re a Windows enthusiast or an Apple aficionado, Nitro PDF Pro’s eSign solution has got your back. The software is fully functional on both Windows and Mac platforms. And let’s not forget the added bonus of being able to use it on iOS devices as well.

we call flexibility. Being able to sign crucial documents while relaxing with a mojito at the beach – now that’s true cross-platform functionality.

With Nitro PDF Pro’s eSign solution, signing documents is a breeze. It lets you upload and send files for signatures in just a few clicks. Not only quick but also secure with encryption technology protecting your data. Say goodbye to outdated physical signatures – now it’s all about convenience and speed without sacrificing quality or cost-effectiveness.


Nitro PDF Pro is more than just a tool…

It’s your ultimate sidekick for dealing with those tricky PDFs. :muscle:

You can edit, convert, and even eSign documents without breaking a sweat.

No need to juggle multiple software when Nitro offers everything under one roof.

Compared to Foxit? Well, let’s say Nitro packs quite the punch in terms of features and value for money!

The business plan is worth considering too – if you’re running an enterprise that deals heavily with PDFs.

So remember: next time you grapple with document workflows, turn to Nitro PDF Pro. It might just become your new best friend!

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