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Vivoo is a wellness app and at-home urine test kit that claims to deliver personalized data on hydration, liver, and kidney functions, as well as dietary suggestions based on the results of the tests. This device has grown in popularity because to its ease of use, FDA registration, and ability to deliver helpful health insights. In this study, we will look at Vivoo’s goal, the technology that powers it, its accuracy and effectiveness, and how it compares to a comparable product, Vessel. We’ll also discuss customer feedback and whether the strips are as accurate as they say.

Pros and Cons of Vivoo App

  • Easy to use: Users only need to urinate on the strip and scan it using the app
  • Science-based: Vivoo claims to offer personalized and accurate results and recommendations
  • Wide range of tests: The strips test various health parameters, including hydration, magnesium, vitamin C, ketones, pH, sodium, free radicals, and protein
  • Compatibility: The app integrates with Apple Health and Google Fit, allowing users to access their wearable device data
  • Cost: The test strips are sold in packs of four for $39.99, which may be expensive for regular use

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Purpose and Technology

Vivoo began as a urinalysis tool, but it now combines data on step counts, sleep, and heart rate to manage general wellness. It gives personalised nutrition and lifestyle advice as well as at-home test kits that allow consumers to learn about their health. The app is funded by the sale of test strips, which are used to perform the tests.The collected data is pooled into a wellness score, and daily checks are performed to make suggestions for nutrition and habit modifications. The app is Apple Health or Google Fit compatible, allowing it to pull data from your paired wearable device.

Users simply urinate on a test strip and scan it with the App to receive their results. The strips can measure hydration, magnesium, vitamin C, ketones, pH, sodium, free radicals, and protein.

Accuracy and Effectiveness

The precision and efficacy of Vivoo’s urine test strips are still unknown. While is FDA approved, this does not guarantee the accuracy of the test strips. It is vital to emphasise that the app does not require FDA registration, and Vivoo’s claims are not diagnostic. Similar urinalysis test strips have been demonstrated to be 75% to 90% reliable in detecting ketosis.

Many users have found Vivoo’s test strips and app to be useful for tracking their health and providing personalised advice. The test strips are simple to use; users simply urinate on the strip, wait 90 seconds, and then scan the strip into the app to receive their wellness score and personalised dietary and lifestyle advice.

Check out the countless positive reviews on Amazon, where Vivoo has been named the best urine test strips and keto strips with an app. People like how easy and comfortable it is to track their wellness at home with Vivoo. However, some users liked the product. Individuals should consult a healthcare professional before making significant food or lifestyle changes based on test results.

About the Vivoo app reviews

The Vivoo app is a terrific tool for keeping an eye on and improving your health because it provides individualized nutrition and lifestyle recommendations based on a study of your urine, with an average user rating of 4.8/5 on both the iOS and Android reviews platforms. To utilize the app, you must buy test strips individually.

About the Vivoo app
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Vivoo is unique because it can guide you towards healthier decisions by tracking your body’s ebbs and flows and providing customized guidance in response to those changes. Vivoo can be the ideal option if you want to keep tabs on your health and stay informed.

How to use Vivoo app?

Download the app and input some basic information about yourself.

To use Vivoo, follow these simple steps:

  1. Obtain a Vivoo test strip: Purchase test strips online or from a participating retailer. The package will contain individually wrapped test strips for single use.
  2. Urinate on the strip: When you’re ready to take the test, remove one test strip from its packaging and urinate on the designated area of the strip.
  3. Scan the strip with the Vivoo app: Open the app on your smartphone and follow the instructions to scan the test strip. The app will analyze the results within 90 seconds.
  4. Review your personalized recommendations: Once the test strip has been scanned, the app will provide personalized nutrition and lifestyle guidance based on the results of your test. This advice is science-based and backed by registered dietitians and machine learning .

Remember to follow the instructions provided in the package and by the Vivoo app for accurate results.

Vivoo vs Vessel

The two companies, Vivoo and Vessel, provide innovative solutions for at-home health monitoring. While Vivoo focuses on daily habits and integrates with wearable devices, Vessel offers a more comprehensive analysis of various aspects such as hydration, sleep, stress, and energy levels.

Ultimately, the choice between the two depends on the user’s preferences and priorities regarding health monitoring and data security. Either way, these companies are leading the way in providing innovative solutions for at-home health monitoring.

Vivoo pricing

For their urine test kit, Vivoo provides a variety of pricing options. 4 Vivoo strips are included in the $29.99 Self-care Pack, which also includes free shipping. Additionally, they provide subscription services, such as their well-liked 3-month subscription that includes four tests each month for a cost of $29.99 USD.

You can save 15% on your order if you subscribe and save. For the most recent pricing information, it is advised to check their official website or authorized vendors since prices can change.

To sum up, Vivoo’s pricing options range from a one-time payment of $39.99 and subscription plans that provide more test strips at a lower price. 

Vivoo pricing
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  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee
  • Cancel Anytime
  • Worldwide Shipping
  • 7/24 Customer Service

How Vivoo helps you improve your health

  1. The importance of tracking your body’s wellness: Tracking your wellness is essential to staying healthy as your body changes. You can enhance your health by tracking your wellness with Vivoo.
  2. The nine wellness parameters that Vivoo tracks: Tracks Vitamin C, Magnesium, Salinity, Oxidative Stress, Calcium, pH, Hydration, Ketones, and Proteins. This gives you a complete view of your body’s health and identifies areas for improvement.
  3. The personalized nutritional lifestyle advice that Vivoo provides: Helps you enhance your health with personalised nutritional lifestyle recommendations. To achieve your wellness goals, this involves diet, exercise, and lifestyle modifications.
  4. The unlimited access to the Vivoo app and its features: With unrestricted access to the app, you may track your health and make changes to enhance it. Over 5,000 personalised nutritional and lifestyle advice and wellness articles are in the app.
  5. The wearable integration that tracks heart rate, sleep, and activity: The Vivoo App tracks heart rate, sleep, and activity when connected to Apple Health and Google Fit. This gives you a thorough view of your health and how your lifestyle choices affect it.

The different features

The Vivoo app, which has several features, can help you understand your body better and improve your health. The app provides customized nutritional and lifestyle recommendations and water and hydration reminders based on your unique needs.

A helpful blog on its website also implores you to understand the test results you receive through the app and learn more about your health. The nutrition team writes the blog posts and give healthy food ideas and lifestyle suggestions.

Reviews of vivoo strips on Reddit

Reviews of Vivoo strips on Reddit suggest that users appreciate the ease of use and convenience offered by the product. Users find the integration of the test strips with the app to be helpful in tracking their wellness parameters and making informed decisions about their health. However, some users have raised concerns about the reliability of urine ketone test strips for detecting ketosis.

User Reviews and Feedback

I love Vivoo. It helps me monitor my health and make diet and lifestyle modifications. The app is simple and offers wonderful health advice. Anyone looking to improve their health should try it.


The Vivoo app rocks! User-friendly and full of health facts. I’d recommend this to friends! It helps you stay healthy and acquire precise information.


I enjoy the Vivoo strip since it accurately measures my hydration and UTI status. It would be useful if the allowed numerous profiles under one login, as it might be annoying to log in and out multiple times. Other than that, I definitely suggest this product, especially to parents who wish to watch their kids’ hydration.



What is Vivoo 2.0?

Vivoo 2.0 is an upgraded version of the Vivoo digital health platform, which uses at-home urine tests and a smartphone app to track 9 key wellness parameters, such as vitamin levels, pH, and protein. These results are then converted into personalized nutrition and lifestyle advice tailored to your body’s needs.
The platform also features guidance from registered nutritionists and offers over 5,000 personalized recommendations and 400 wellness articles. Although Vivoo 2.0 is not meant for medical diagnosis purposes, it serves as a helpful tool to improve overall health and well-being.

How does Vivoo work?

Vivoo uses a specially designed urine test strip and a smartphone app. After performing the urine test, you scan the strip with the app, providing personalized recommendations on improving your health.

Do Vivoo test strips provide accurate drug test results?

Yes, there have been some issues with the accuracy of Vivoo strips, but overall, people are satisfied. Remember that no drug testing method is 100% accurate, so there is always room for error. Nevertheless, Vivoo strips are a dependable way to test for drugs and are much more convenient than visiting a lab.

UTI test at home with Vivoo test strips?

Are you tired of visiting a doctor or lab whenever you want to check for a UTI? With Vivoo UTI test strips, you can test for urinary tract infections right at home! No more waiting rooms, no more appointments.

Verdict of Vivoo Strips Review

Vivoo is an innovative app that assists users in tracking their health and making beneficial lifestyle adjustments. It provides detailed information on food intake, water levels, physical activity, and other factors. Additionally, the app provides personalized diet and exercise recommendations. Vivoo’s urine test strips provide extra information on the user’s general health, allowing them to make informed decisions that may improve their well-being. Before making significant changes to their lifestyle, individuals should consult a healthcare expert to achieve the greatest possible results.

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