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Rebelle 7 and its Pro counterpart are taking digital artistry to new heights. Created by Escape Motions, these software versions come packed with features that artists love, like realistic brush tools and advanced color mixing. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting, Rebelle 7 offers the flexibility to bring your artistic vision to life on screen.

You’ll find insights into using metallic strokes for texture in the Pro edition, get savvy about palette options, and explore how wet and dry media can work together seamlessly. If cost is on your mind, we’ve got details on pricing, including discounts for upgrades and special rates for students and teachers.

Ready to dive in? We’ll also show you how easy it is to score Rebelle at a steal with coupon codes. Let’s make some art!

20% Discount Rebelle 7 Pro Coupon (100% Reliable)
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What are Rebelle 7 and Rebelle 7 Pro

Rebelle 7 Pro

Digital artists, meet your new canvas: Rebelle 7, the latest iteration of Escape Motions’ acclaimed painting software. Designed to mimic traditional media in a digital environment, this tool brings the tangible feel of watercolor, acrylics, and oils into your hands without needing clean-up or drying time.

Now let’s talk shop about its counterpart – Rebelle 7 Pro. It takes everything you love about Rebelle 7 and turns it up a notch with advanced features like Metallic Material Layers and NanoPixel technology. These aren’t just buzzwords; they’re game-changers that offer enhanced realism in texture and depth for serious creators who crave next-level detail in their work.

Rebelle 7 Vs Rebelle 7 Pro: What’s the difference?

The main dish here is choice – the standard edition serves up a feast of tools perfect for hobbyists, while the pro version offers even more sophistication suitable for seasoned pros. The difference? Think broader color management options, plug-in support compatible with Photoshop workflows, and stunning metallic layers that can make your artwork pop like never before.

If we’re getting down to brass tacks on specifics between these two versions – it boils down to capability vs complexity. For everyday use where ease meets power – stick with Rebelle 7 – but if you want full control over every pixel – the pro version won’t disappoint.

Introducing new features in Rebelle 7

Newcomers will be pleased as punch at how intuitive yet powerful this software feels right from the start – with interactive paper surfaces giving life-like reactions to paint flow that’s uncannily similar to real-world physics.

Additions such as improved brush engines provide an experience so rich it blurs lines between virtual brush strokes and physical ones – and let’s not overlook resource management through Libraries, which simplifies asset organization beautifully.

The added benefits of Rebelle 7 Pro edition

Aimed squarely at professionals – or anyone wanting granular control over their creative process – Pro goes all-in on customizability with Fractal Image Processing, allowing users astonishing command over effects creation within their pieces. When paired with the Pigments feature, which delivers true-to-life dispersion behaviors found only typically within professional-grade studios – it becomes clear why going “pro” might be worth considering seriously.

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Key Features & Benefits:

Exploring the new metallic strokes and structures in Rebelle 7 pro

new metallic strokes

The latest iteration of Rebelle 7 Pro stands out with its innovative approach to digital painting, specifically through its metallic stroke capabilities. Artists can now add a lustrous sheen to their creations that mimic real-world metallic effects. This feature is particularly revolutionary for illustrators looking to incorporate lifelike textures into their artwork.

Beyond mere aesthetics, these metal-like properties are not just about the shine; they’re also about depth and dimensionality. The software achieves this by allowing users to layer strokes strategically, building up a structure that catches light similarly to how actual metals would.

This functionality shines when creating art pieces that demand realism in material depiction—think shimmering armor on a fantasy warrior or reflective surfaces in urban landscape scenes.

Understanding the color palette and color mixing options in Rebelle 7

In any artist’s toolkit, colors hold power over the mood and impact of an artwork. Rebelle 7 brings forward an intuitive interface for selecting and mixing colors—a process as close as it gets to blending pigments on a physical palette but without the mess. It lets artists unleash their creativity while maintaining control over hues and saturation levels.

The digital platform offers diverse possibilities from soft pastels to vibrant primaries; all designed with compatibility across various devices including those optimized for Apple M chip performance.

Diving into wet and dry media painting techniques

Wet media techniques, such as watercolors, have always been prized for their fluidity but challenging due to unpredictability once applied onto paper or canvas. Rebelle 7’s simulation of this medium digitally means artists can experiment freely without fear of irreversible mistakes—drying can be undone with just one click.

Dry media like pencils or chalks offer contrasting textures which are equally well-represented within Rebelle’s virtual environment providing comprehensive creative expression tools regardless if you’re sketching faint lines or laying down bold marks.

The power of filter layers and gradient options

Layers have long been integral in graphic design software—they allow creatives flexibility during composition stages whether adding textural details atop base elements or adjusting overall tones via filters seamlessly blended together using gradients unique only available through Rebelle’s dynamic toolset.

How Much Does Rebelle 7 Cost

Rebelle 7 Cost

If you’re in the market for a digital painting software that brings your art to life with realistic watercolor and acrylic brushes, Rebelle 7 might be on your radar. But what about the cost? Let’s break it down.

Rebelle 7 Standard Edition

The Standard Edition of Rebelle 7, perfect for hobbyists and artists alike, is priced at $89.99. It offers a suite of features including a new brush engine and interactive paper surfaces—essentials to kickstart your digital painting journey.

But wait, there’s good news. If you act during promotional periods or have an applicable discount code, you can snag this edition for just $62.99—a steal for such advanced technology.

Rebelle 7 Pro Edition

Moving up to the Pro league? The Pro Edition steps up with added capabilities tailored for professional use, like Metallic Material Layers and Photoshop plug-in support; all optimized for Apple’s M chip performance boosters. This beefed-up version comes with a tag of $149.99 but keep an eye out because deals drop it down by over thirty percent to $99.99 occasionally.

The Upgrade Advantage

If you’ve been a fan of Escape Motions’ Rebelle series and own any previous version like Rebelle 6, here’s some good news: Upgrading won’t cost much, as existing users are eligible for up to 50% off.

Edition TypeList Price ($)Promotional/Discounted Price ($)
Rebelle 7 Standard$89.99At just $62.99, this option offers exceptional value for your investment.
Rebelle 7 Pro$149.99$99.99

How to use Rebelle 7 Coupon Code:

Finding a good deal on software can be as satisfying as watching your digital canvas come to life with each brushstroke. If you’re eyeing the innovative features of Rebelle 7, a coupon code could sweeten the deal even more.

Step-by-Step Process for Using a Rebelle 7 Coupon Code

Saving money on Rebelle 7 is straightforward if you follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Purchase Page: Start by visiting Escape Motions’ official website and go directly to the purchase section.
  2. Select Your Edition: You’ll find two main editions available – standard and pro. Choose which version suits your creative needs best.
  3. Add to Cart: Once decided, click ‘Add to Cart.’ You’ll be taken through to your shopping cart summary page where you can review your order before proceeding.
  4. Enter Your Coupon Code: In this same area, look for an option labeled ‘Coupon Code’, ‘Discount Code’, or similar phrasing. Enter your valid coupon code here.
  5. Apply and Verify Discount: Hitting apply should refresh the total price reflecting any discounts associated with that code so long as it’s active and applicable toward Rebelle 7 products.
  6. Purchase Completion: Finally, enter payment details if satisfied with the discounted amount and complete the purchase.

Note that discount codes may have certain conditions such as expiration dates or specific usage limits; always double-check these factors when applying them.

Finding Valid Rebelle 7 Discount Codes

If you don’t already have a promo in hand, snagging one might take some savvy shopping smarts but fear not. Here are reliable ways to unearth those coveted codes:

  • Email Newsletters: Sign up for newsletters from Escape Motions since companies often reward their subscribers first dibs at promotions.
  • Affiliate Websites: Keep an eye out for affiliate websites that specialize in sharing discount codes for software like Rebelle.
  • Educational Discounts: If you’re a student or teacher, check with Escape Motions to see if they offer any educational discounts.

Student and Teacher Discount On Rebelle

Student and Teacher Discount On Rebelle

If you’re a student or teacher, diving into the world of digital art just became more accessible with Rebelle’s discount program. Understanding how to get these savings can be as easy as showing your school ID at a local store. But for online software like Rebelle 7, there are a few extra steps worth taking.

First off, let’s clarify who qualifies for this offer. Students currently enrolled in an educational institution and teachers or faculty members employed at these institutions can apply for the discount.

Verification Process for Student Discounts:

The verification process begins on Escape Motions’ website where applicants need to fill out a form with their details. After submission, they must provide proof of enrollment—this could be anything from an official transcript to a tuition receipt or even your student ID card that clearly shows your name, institution name, and current academic year.

This evidence is reviewed promptly by Escape Motions’ team to confirm eligibility before issuing the coupon code via email which students can then use during checkout when purchasing Rebelle 7 software products.

Verification Process for Teacher Discounts:

Tailored towards empowering educators in bringing creativity into classrooms, Rebelle offers similar discounts to teaching professionals too. The procedure mirrors that of students: submit personal identification alongside documents confirming employment such as faculty IDs or recent pay stubs through Escape Motion’s designated platform.

A critical point here is ensuring all submitted documents reflect up-to-date information; it helps make sure teachers don’t miss out on opportunities due to outdated credentials.

Leveraging Your Discount Effectively:

  • Saving money is great but using it wisely matters even more.
  • Beyond simply applying the discount at purchase consider planning purchases around sales periods—it might stack up additional savings.
  • Including new features exclusive to Rebelle 7 Pro edition, discounted rates become especially valuable if you’re aiming higher than basic versions.


So, you’ve explored Rebelle 7. You know its brush tools are top-notch, bringing realism to digital painting like never before. You’ve seen how metallic strokes add depth and the color mixing simulates traditional media.

Start with these features; they’re game-changers for artists. Make sure your art stands out by leveraging wet and dry techniques that blend perfectly on screen.

Dive into pricing next. Remember Rebelle doesn’t break the bank – especially with those upgrade discounts or student rates in mind.

Lastly, snag a deal using a coupon code can be easy as pie if you follow our guide. That’s smart shopping!

Your canvas awaits; let Rebelle unleash your creativity.

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